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Textbook Edition Change

New textbooks are very expensive. When campus goes to a new textbook we need to know about it. Send us the information from the Request Book page to tell us when there is an edition change and what that certain class is going to be using. If we have this information in time we are able to stock these brand new books and save you cash!

Request a book

If you give us enough advanced notice we will be able to stock your book. Students requesting books and forwarding their schedules to us helps us know what to stock. Because of this we are able to stock most of the expensive textbooks in large quantity.

Freedom of Information Act

The act requires college bookstores to publish textbook lists to anyone asking for the information. One exemption is private universities such as BYU-I. BookViking.com does not have access to an official book list and is dependant on word of mouth of fellow students to give us this information. For faster service having ISBN, title, class schedule, author, and edition of textbook is required.